Wine tasting, gastronomic meal, stand-up, live performance, here are the next events that Annette is preparing for you.

06 juin — 21:30 Type Wine tasting

Are you more left bank or right bank?

More Chardonnay
20 juin — 21:30 Type Wine Tasting

More Chardonnay: Old World and New World in the spotlight!

Born in the USA
04 juil. — 21:30 Type Wine tasting

Born in the USA: California, Oregon, Washington and New York in the spotlight!

In my bubble
18 juil. — 21:30 Type Wine Tasting

In my bubble: Champagne, Crément, Pét' Nat: all methods combined!

15 août — 21:30 Type Wine tasting

Riesling: 5 dry Rieslings from 5 different regions!


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