Wine tasting, gastronomic meal, stand-up, live performance, here are the next events that Annette is preparing for you.

Nebbiolo vs Sangiovese vs Trempanillo : Similarities and differences
20 févr. — 22:30 Type Wine tasting

Let's compare and venture 3 of Europe's the most emblematic and inspiring grapes.

Meetup with Bruno Clair
26 févr. — 23:00 Type Tasting

Go on a sensory journey with the tasting of Bruno Clair’s Burgundy wines. Savor a 3-course menu perfectly accompanied by 7 wines from the estate.

Meetup with Adrien Gautherin
01 mars — 23:00 Type Tasting

Taste the Chablis wines carefully selected by Adrien Gautherin. Enjoy a 3-course menu perfectly accompanied by a selection of 7 wines from the estate.

Chardonnays from around the globe
05 mars — 22:30 Type Wine tasting

The path of the world of chardonnays is scattered with different aromas and other tales. Let's discover this universel but unique grape.

Bordeaux : Left bank or right bank?
19 mars — 21:30 Type Wine tasting

Two banks, two stories ; Bordeaux will spill it's secrets, from East to West, in this tasting of one the world's greatest region.

White wines from Austria and Germany
02 avr. — 21:30 Type Wine tasting

Venture into the mysterious white wines from two countries that are getting more and more exposer.

5 grapes from la Loire
16 avr. — 21:30 Type Wine tasting

In a region where the chenin is king, it does not rule alone. Come along and explore 5 grape varieties from la Loire.

Globetrotter Pinot noirs
30 avr. — 21:30 Type Wine tasting

A historically and aromatically wide-ranging grape; discover Burgundy's favorite grape from around the world.

Riesling : New World, Germany, Alsace
14 mai — 21:30 Type Wine tasting

Well acquainted with their terroir, these delicate rieslings are fine as they are precise. Explore a globetrotter grape in style.


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